Benefits of Salesforce CRM Software!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Until now we have discussed what exactly is CRM software, salesforce. We also touched upon its features like contact management, task management, lead management, etc. But this article will convince the readers further on why their business needs to upgrade to CRM software. Let’s discuss the numerous benefits of Salesforce CRM software that can help scale up the business and its internal workings.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM Software

1. Trustworthy Reporting

Everything we use these days generates data. From our phones to social media, various business software, etc. Every platform creates a lot of data that is of great use. Especially for businesses who know how to harness the power of this data to create more customers and money. But to be able to do that, first, this raw data has to be made understandable. It must be free of errors and duplicates and decipherable enough to further normalize it. Thus it becomes actionable.

Every business relies on the information that data provides. Therefore, trustworthy platforms are a must. This is one of the benefits of Salesforce CRM software. It helps make the data clean and error-free and maintains it as well. It can be used to collate and organize the data into understandable tables.

Another benefit of Salesforce CRM software is that it can help you see exactly who is interacting with your business and how. For example, a potential customer landing on the website after seeing an ad on social media. This is an example of lead generation, which had the potential of becoming a customer. So all these reports of how much the interaction is happening and at what stage is given by Salesforce. It also reports on where the opportunities are. Also on how well you are interacting with the leads and customers, your customer service efforts, and more.

These potential customers can be categorized in a CRM to make the job easier. The categories are that of the sales funnel. CRM reports on these categories can make it easier for the business to convert leads into opportunities and opportunities into more business, i.e., sales.

Sales funnel categories are:

1.1 Leads

Lead is somebody that has filled out your form or clicked the product link to show interest in your work. These people can be prospective buyers but only if they continue to show interest by exploring your company and products more. These kinds of reports are compiled by a CRM easily that can give us an idea on how to work with these leads to convert them into opportunities.

1.2 Opportunities

Opportunities are the leads that are close to becoming clients. For example, if they have interacted with the sales team and asked for a demo, or they have put a product in the cart, this makes them opportunities.

1.3 Sales

Sales are the stage when an opportunity becomes a customer. What it means is when the product added I the cart is actually checked out by the person, that’s when the sales stage comes. Here, a very good CRM will collect pre-sales and post-sales data of the customer. It will be related to his habits and behavior regarding site interaction and hence, will give you precious insights to your customers to understand them.

Now, the sales stage that the person is at, cannot simply be told by tools like google analytics. You need a good CRM platform for that. And the best CRM can tell you more than just which ad or message did the person clicks to reach your business. A CRM software can show you exactly what a person clicks when an email marketing message is sent. Furthermore, how many times they open an email, how often the conversations happened with the sales team, their needs, and more.

Reports, especially the ones enhanced by AI are the most valuable feature of a CRM. It gives us actionable data and makes it easy to take action on it as well. Furthermore, these reports guide the decision-making process and thus, are invaluable.

Talking about the value of reports brings us to another one of the benefits of the salesforce CRM software. It’s the dashboards that provide the feature of data visualization. This is very helpful for a business that has to take important decisions on a daily basis. Let’s read in more detail.

2. Dashboards that visualize the data

Dashboards of CRM software do most of the hard work. From the point of putting the company’s data into a spreadsheet ( importing the data) up to creating a graphical representation. Businesses invest in CRM software for this particular benefit. Moreover, with this software, individual dashboards can be created for people with login credentials. For example, A sales manager will be interested in knowing the sales result of calls done and how many of the calls yielded actual results. So, a dashboard can be created for him/her that displays all this information in simple numbers and graphs. All the steps of collecting, sifting, sorting data, and then making a report are skipped.

3. Automation messaging enables a personalized outreach

As you know, CRM gives you insights into the habits and interactions people have with your business. Therefore, the AI function can help sort these people into different categories based on their similarities. For example, if two or more clients show interest in a similar niche product, they’ll be put into a different drip campaign. Based on this, the business can decide on the ways to further do triggered interact with them regarding that particular niche product.

You can send automated emails etc. Take another example. Suppose, you are a furniture company. A person makes a custom list for kitchen furniture like cabinets, pots, etc. You can start them on a drip campaign for people who create custom lists for kitchen furniture. Furthermore, AI can also help remove the people from the campaigns depending on their actions. For example, if the person buys the kitchen furniture, he made the lost for, the CRM platform will remove that person from the campaign to avoid redundant emails.

4. Proactive customer service

Apart from automation, the CRM software can improve the outreach efforts of the sales team as well. If the sales team has the knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the customers and their behaviors, it’ll improve customer service’s ability to help them. To get this knowledge, they can use the dashboard feature.

This is a big benefit of salesforce software CRM that the customer service team has. With the relevant data easily available at the right time, they can give quality service. This saves the service team’s time and makes the potential and existing clients feel valued too.

5. Automation that enhances productivity and efficiency

Automation is a very big advantage offered by a CRM platform. This very benefit is the one a company can make out of the most to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day tasks. For example, creating drip campaigns and setting them up with AI. Doing this, the time it takes to nurture a lead with emails, etc, is greatly reduced. Chatbots are another great example of using AI to improve daily performance. For example, handling simple customer questions, such as the status of an order using automated messaging.

6. Simplified Collaboration

A CRM is a big data depository of your business. It saves all the data related to your leads and customers like notes, interactions, contracts, etc. and if it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about the data getting out of date. An example of simplified collaboration is the collaboration tools in Salesforce. This feature allows multiple people to work on the same file simultaneously. They can follow the progress of the document like a sales quote etc.

Anyone with access to the CRM can work together through the shared record. For example, salesmen create notes in the customer’s file about any new thing they might get to know about the customers. This ensures easy knowledge transition among the marketing, sales, and customer service team. Hence, they can work seamlessly together, with the latest information about the customer.


To sum up, Investing in Salesforce is a good step towards the growth acceleration of your business. The benefits of Salesforce CRM software include insights into customer behavior and preferences for the customer service team. The data representation by CRM is easy to understand and helps better-understanding customers. Consequently, the outreach to the customer gets improved. A lot of these tasks can be automated easily in Salesforce. This saves up time and effort and uses it to give better services and offers to the leads and customers. The time that might have been wasted writing emails to track lead engagement, can be used to expand the customer base. Furthermore, the collaboration among different teams is very smooth. All these benefits of Salesforce CRM software help you serve customers more effectively, leading to better business.

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