Benefits of Digital Marketing

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Before we touch upon the benefits of digital marketing and why it is so important in this modern era, we must ponder the question, just what is digital marketing?

Covid-19 was a catalyst by which forced everyone online - this became a requisite like all other important parts of our lives, whether it be to keeping businesses running or to completing everyday tasks, the internet became more important than ever to maintain any form of normalcy. For some, this meant adaptation, for others though, This meant transformation. For all of, us it means never going back.

In very simple terms, digital marketing is marketing via the internet i.e. online marketing

Why do we need digital marketing?

To answer this, let’s explore events from the pandemic. Before lockdown, let's say that 50 takeaways in your area delivered food directly, during and post-pandemic we saw on average 150 more takeaway restaurants pop up overnight. So, among this fierce competition, how do you make your business stand out?

You may have already have figured the answer by now.

Digital marketing provides solutions to take your business from basic to quality in very simple steps.

Research shows that now more than ever, people spend a larger proportion of their time searching online.

When do you need a digital marketer?

There are some distinct signs you should look for to decide when you need a digital marketer. For example, If you cannot maximize your ROI, or cannot translate traffic from your site into sales or additionally, you may notice that your social media accounts typically garner little to no engagement despite featuring good content. This is usually a decent indicator that the time has come to seek professional help to achieve your desired outcomes.

How is digital marketing done?

Typically businesses would reach their target audience through traditional media: newspapers, radio, televisions, magazines, leaflets, etc. This has since changed and become easier with the internet. Professional digital marketers deploy various tactics when utilising the internet to their advantage. This is done through targeting different online mediums to make specific words reach prospective consumers, they create leads. These marketing tools are:

These are the guiding points one must consider while looking for digital marketing for their business.

To understand these strategies, one must know the benefits. So let’s get started.

Benefits of Digital marketing

Digital marketing is cost-effective and the results are measurable – This is probably one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing. It helps to obtain more leads, all the while drastically cutting costs.

While big businesses have large sums to spend on adverts, TV, and newspaper campaigns, small businesses have restricted budgets to work around. Digital marketers ensure that the playing field is evened, achieving great results with much less.

For example, google ads have a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, that allows to select the budget and get results accordingly. However, the amount you spend will decide the results you get.

On the other hand, an experienced digital marketing agency has connections with other companies that will work according to different budgets and will deliver premium results. Another benefit of digital marketing is that results are tracked and measurable, as opposed to competing for traditional approaches. We can see the real-time effectiveness of strategies through data analysis. Whether it's social media or SEO or google analytics. The various metrics to track the campaign response are impressions, clicks, comments, shares, conversions, etc.

Tracking tools help to identify what does and doesn't work and improve on them in real-time.

Digital marketing helps you tap into your ideal consumer base – Reaching the right target audience is the main goal of marketing and advertising. Hence, a benefit of digital marketing is to target people specifically.

In traditional marketing, the message went to everyone in general, and one could hope for the right people to watch it and respond. But with digital marketing, those consumers who show interest in the content or services similar to your business are targeted. This is a level of depth that traditional methods are unable to never achieve.

With optimizing via keywords, the aim is to understand what a potential lead may be looking for, and hence, data is optimized accordingly. For example, a makeup product for anti-aging will have target audience attributes like age, gender, interests, occupations, hobbies, etc. Platforms like Facebook can be very specific with the target audience.

It enables to get connected to the customers at an early stage – The first impression is the last impression, holds true in every situation. When a new product is in the market, it must make an impact early on. With digital marketing, not only the early advertising brings curiosity and awareness among the consumers, but also gives ample data for them to research and look if the product fits their needs. With digital marketing methods, these potential customers can be directed to the page to find the details they need.

It is easy to make changes to strategies as you go - With traditional marketing, nothing can be changed once the commitment has been done. But, in digital marketing, it is easy to look into how the campaign is doing while it is running. Hence, the strategies can be changed or improved to get the desired results in the areas that seem to lag behind. This campaign optimization helps save money and get the maximum out of the budget.

For example, you can update your PPC campaign, tweak the ads on social media, optimize the SEO campaigns and update all the content as needed. This adaptation helps drive the best results.

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Choosing your Digital marketer

All the benefits of digital marketing discussed above explain how your business can gain from digital marketing services. With an array of strategies, digital marketing can bring a new edge to your business. Making the investment a valuable opportunity to reach new heights.

Many prestigious events recognize the rising stars of the marketing industry every year. This year too SME News has finalized the results of the Northern Enterprise Awards 2021. J&K DigiMedia has been presented with the award of Digital Marketing Specialist of the Year 2021 – Manchester.

If you are ready to take your business to new heights, contact us and we will see how we can help boosts your business growth.

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